For the past 20 years, Christ Central has been blessed to assist the Columbia County students through Operation Backpack. However, throughout the years we’ve learned that as important as it is to provide for them at the beginning of the school year, they quickly run out of the needed resources before school is over. So, last year we partnered with the Columbia Co. School System’s Educator’s Emporium and raised over $10,000.00 with our newest program called Project K12...


The Emporium is essentially a store teachers can “shop” in to maintain the needed level of supplies for their students and classrooms. Once again, they are offering the "grant to match donation".  Last year financial contributions were matched with funds from the School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program provided by the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations through the Department of Education with funds allocated by the Florida Legislature providing the Columbia Co. School System’s Educator’s Emporium with over $20,000.00... Those funds were used to purchase school supplies tax-free and at a fraction of the retail prices since our program is part of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 


The Educator’s Emporium was created to meet the needs of the most economically vulnerable students in Columbia County. Our educators know the challenges low-income students face each day. Pencils and crayons are the last thing on parents’ minds when they are fighting to put food on the table. Teachers do what they can, spending upwards of $500 per year on their students, but they shouldn’t shoulder this burden alone. The Educator’s Emporium is also a resource center that provides free school supplies for those who need them most. This “store,” is stocked entirely through donations. Without these supplies, students have difficulties performing to their full potential. When teachers have free access to the tools they need, their students have much better a chance to learn, achieve, and succeed in school.


All students deserve to have access to supplies that enable them to obtain a first-rate education. With your financial donation or in-kind contribution, you can make a tangible difference in a local child’s life. By putting much needed school supplies into the hands of these students, you can give them the means to learn, achieve, and break the cycle of poverty. 


Your donations are able to help us keep the shelves stocked in our Educator’s Emporium, which provides free supplies to educators and students all year. 





All 14 schools 

All 10,000 students 

All 1,500 educators 

All year long

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