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Fasting - Types

"So we fasted and petitioned our God about this, and He answered our prayer." - Ezra 8:23

When you study fasting in the Bible, you find many different types of fasts with varying lengths. Even studying in this chapter, the only clear thing is that they were seeking answers from God and protection. There is no indication of what they fasted or for how long. There are examples in the scriptures of corporate fasts and individual fasts, fasts that involved abstaining from certain foods and some from certain things. A key part of any fast is giving up something that you enjoy and spending time studying the word and praying.


With today's technology and social media, some choose to give up television or certain things on the internet instead of food. The type of fast you choose should be something that you pray about and seek guidance from God. Also, start with a goal. People in the Bible fasted and prayed because they wanted something specific to happen, even though each fast was somewhat different. They were looking for God to reveal something to them, change them, or change their circumstances. Start with a humble heart and a hunger for God, and regardless of the type of fast, put away fleshly desires and focus on spending time with God.

Father God, I pray today for your guidance and direction. I pray that time spent reading your word and seeking your face provides the clarity that I need to make the right decisions. I pray against any distractions or hindrances during this time that is dedicated to you. Amen.

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