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“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” Proverbs 13:20


Being around the right people is important. Not just your friends but the people you work with also. Many of us spend almost as much time each week with people at work as we do with our own families. Supportive and honest friends can have a positive impact on your career through their genuine opinions, appreciating and giving you the confidence to achieve whatever you want.

Looking back at some of the worst decisions that we have made, we can partly blame ourselves and partly blame the people that we were hanging around. When we listen to bad advice, we make bad decisions. If we have wise, sincere friends in life, they will influence our future choices with their advice and help.

We have to be careful in choosing the people we are around, those who influence us. If some of our closest companions are not people who are walking with God, glorifying God, and seeking God’s guidance, then we aren’t walking with the wise and will eventually suffer harm because of it. The people we are around make an impact on us, good or bad. As much as we would like to think that we are the only ones that can be an influence, we can also be influenced. Ask God’s guidance not just in choosing friends, but also in choosing your career.

Father God, today I ask for wisdom and guidance in choosing the people that I am around. I ask that you surround me with people that will lift me up instead of tear me down. I ask you to surround me with friends and co-workers who would carry me to you, instead of away from you. For friends, who carried a man on a stretcher and tore the roof off a house just so he could encounter Jesus. Father God, surround me with wise counsel and protect me from harm. Amen.

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