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Healing - Emotional

Jesus came to deliver us, restore us, and make us complete in Him. The salvation experience is given to us to make this a reality in our life. Healing is a part of that experience. The biblical definition of the word healing means to cure or make whole.

Emotionally: When we are born again, our soulish realm must be renewed and transformed; it does not automatically change. The soul consists of our mind, will, and emotions. Our soul is something we are born with and naturally develops as we grow up. Our mind grows as we learn. Our will is formed as we choose our destiny and make decisions. Our emotions develop as we experience all of the above.

Our soulish realm is renewed and transformed by the Word of God. We must learn God’s thoughts, ways, and His will from the word, and then we must apply them to our life. Our soulish realm is healed as we submit our mind, will, and emotions to the Lordship of Jesus. (Romans 12:1-2)

Fasting is a spiritual exercise that assists us in this transformation. We purposely push down the flesh to tune into the soul. It forces us to engage our minds, to take control of our flesh, and to consider the things of God. It causes our will to line up with God’s will. It brings our emotions in check by increasing our God-consciousness. 

Most people are driven by their emotions. A spiritual breakthrough in this area will reap great benefits in our lives. Emotional healing is on its way.

Lord, help me learn how to take my mind captive. As I fast and study your word, may your presence bring healing to the mind, will, and emotions. Help my emotions grow into the likeness of yours, being transformed completely. Amen.

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