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Family & Friends - Next Gen

With the culture of our world today, we are near losing the next generation if we haven't already. There is a growing number of young people that do not identify as believers in God and a smaller number that identify with God and follow Him. As a country, we have lost the priority of God, which has led to a loss of the value of God. This then leads to the next generation having even less interest in God. Many young people are biblically illiterate and have a very small concept of who God is.

We need to reach out to the next generation and teach them about the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the goodness of God. Our youth, like every generation before them, are seeking acceptance, answers to life's questions, and happiness. Jesus is the only answer; He will accept everyone that calls on His name. He has answers for every prayer, and He is our joy and happiness, even in dark times.

"Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation." - Joel 1:3

Today pray for the next generation. Pray that parents would burn with a passion for God and live it out in front of their children. Pray that believers would have the boldness to share Christ with young people and not be afraid to be vulnerable and open about their faith. Pray that the Holy Spirit would begin to grab the hearts of youth and that a fire would begin to stir in their hearts. Pray that the next generation will have a growing desire to have a relationship with God. Pray that revival breaks out in our young people!

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