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If you are needing financial assistance, we ask for you to:
- Watch this video
- Fill out the assistance application
- Watch the two following videos
- Complete the worksheet for each video

Please be aware that we review applications as they come in, and each submission is given careful consideration with a thorough review. Response times may vary. While we make every effort to assist as many applicants as we can, it's important to understand that submitting an application does not guarantee assistance. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Step One:

The first step after watching the above video is to complete our assistance application.

Step Two:

After completing the application we ask for you to watch these four videos and complete the corresponding worksheet.

Video 1

You Need A Written Budget

Video 2

We Are A Month Behind All Of Our Bills

We appreciate your efforts in completing this process! Once all steps have been successfully finished, your submission undergoes thorough consideration, and response times may differ. While we are dedicated to helping as many applicants as possible, it's important to note that submitting an application does not automatically ensure assistance. We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding.

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